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This is the locally famous, alternative rap group YOCO ORGAN.0081, on the left, is a teacher, and PERUTANI, on the right, is a Japanese sake maker. These guys are a seriously unique duo who have put out a ton of demos, both on their own and collaborating with other great Japanese rappers. Their demos have been known to sell out on release day, proving their popularity.In 2003, their mini album “Rokuho,” produced by 3000NDL, went on sale nationwide.After that, they started to mix dubsteb, breakcore, and electronica into their music and have been unclassifiably good ever since.In 2009, they started their own label “YOCO POINT” and teamed up with the track maker fourgram for the release of the EP “AFTER.” They also produced tracks for the BMX team ARESBYKES’s “ARESBYKES DVD MAGAZINE vol.4.”In 2011, they released MAGURO DAYS, a bass music rap CD featuring DJ mado along with other artists from Japan, England, and the States. In 2012, their remix EP “Thank you remix vol.01″ with CycheoutsG, Utabi, D.J.G.O., and HujikoPro grabbed the top spot on the AmazonMP3 dance charts. The same year, they collaborated with Hokuriku artists like NINGEN OK to put out the record “Four for Phono.” In October of 2013 their 1st full album “SHIBIRERU DAYS” went on sale across the country. YOCO ORGAN has performed with influential bass music artists like HABANERO POSSE and KAN TAKAHIRO, as well as contemporary hybrid artists like Miii and DJ WILDPARTY, perfecting their craft as one of a kind hip hop artists. They have been on stage in places like Niigata, Miyazaki, Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo.Their song “Low ningyo-saiko(pro HABANERO POSSE)” was remixed by DJ BUKU for his mix CD ” JAPADAPTA Vol.3.”The song “Ai Ni Iku,” made together with CRZKNY, is available for free download. Check it out.